EKOTUOTANTO has a new product line continnueing mechanical sludge drying - Thermal Belt Dryer. Thermal belt dryer makes it possible to get the whole sludge dewatering or drying process positive what comes to enrgy consumption. The Belt Dryer is operating lower temperature area and that is why so safety solution for thermal drying.


The EKOSEP BELT DRYER is very natural extension to the product range of Oy Ekotuotanto Ab. After mechanical sludge dewatering with Ekosep Belt Filter Press, sludge is led through extruder onto the upper belt of the BELT DRYER. Sludge travel slowly on the belt through several heat and evaporation section to the discharge end of the dryer. Finally dried sludge drop to the conveyor and goes to the silo or to the store.

Sludge is dried from 16-25 % DS to 65-90 % DS, using hot (about 130 °C) air. All kinds of energy sourves can be used for to produce hot air. Oil, gas, biogas, steam for example can be used for warming air. Also thermal oil is possible as an closed circuit. In all case warming is carried out with indirect safety way. The Belt Dryer itself is slightly in under pressure, which guarantee that odour and air stay inside the dryer. The dryness of inffeeded sludge is not significicant in thermal process, but the total efficiency is the most significant. So the most suitable dewatering device before the Belt Dryer is Belt Filter Press.

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